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Engineer, Book Worm, Dog Lover

Pujaa is a machine learning engineer at Stripe. She's been recognized for her work as a Google Machine Learning Developer Expert and Google Woman Techmaker.

Previously, she founded WomenInAI, worked at an AI startup that was acquired, and moved to Silicon Valley from Wall Street.

She also advises start ups, venture capital firms, and policymakers on AI. She loves to read and write.

My Past

Growing up in Nebraska, Pujaa loved to read and was the state chess champion. she was first exposed to artificial intelligence when news broke that the first AI computer had beaten a chess grandmaster. Then, at Cornell University, she was drawn to natural language processing because she was interested in transferring her love of reading to computers. I researched computational social science and combined her interest in technology and solving social problems.

She graduated with honors and BS in Information Science. Intrigued by the quantitative problems to solve in finance, she joined BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with $6.84T in AUM, as a software engineer. Eventually, I became more interested in technology than finance, which led her to leave Wall Street for Silicon Valley.

My Present

In Silicon Valley, Pujaa first worked at, a ~30 person AI start up, as a deep learning engineer where she worked on building an all purpose machine learning platform. The start up was acquired. Then, she joined Stripe circling back to the interesection of finance and technology.

Outside of work, Pujaa founded and led the USA chapter of WomenInAI  for 2 years. The organization continues to thrive. She's also been involved with OnDeck, The Violet Society, the Policy Hackers, and the Alumni Venture Group.

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How I Can Help

Answer questions via email about topics I know about.

I try to answer every question I get over email. If you write a clear and concise email, I will try to answer it. Any topic I've written about before is fair game.

Reshare a post about you looking for a job or looking to hire AI talent.

Looking for a job and hiring are both hard problems. Hoping to make the process a little easier by helping people meet in the middle.

Speaking Engagements.

I'm happy to consider speaking at events that make an effort for gender and racial diversity. Please email me details including time, date, number of attendees, ticket price, and speaking fee offer.

Consulting and Advisory Opportunities.

I'm open to consulting and advisory opportunities as long as they aren't any conflicting interests with existing partnerships. I'm currently an engineer at Stripe and an Advisory Board Member at OxyLabs.

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