How I Can Help

Thinking about how I can give back and pass the help I've received forward. This is a living list that I'll continue to update.

For Anyone

Answer questions via email about topics I know about.

I try to answer every question I get over email. If you write a clear and concise email, I will try to answer it. Any topic that I've written about before is fair game.

Reshare a post about you looking for a job or looking to hire AI talent.

Looking for a job and hiring are both hard problems. Hoping to make the process a little easier by helping people meet in the middle.

Speaking Engagements.

I'm happy to consider speaking at events that make an effort for gender and racial diversity.

Consulting and Advisory Opportunities.

I'm open to consulting and advisory opportunities as long as they aren't any conflicting interests with existing partnerships. I'm currently an engineer at Stripe and an Advisory Board Member at OxyLabs.